Active at Lake Reschen

Glide across frozen Lake Reschen


As well as walking and hiking near Lake Reschen, some sports fans conquer the icy lake surface: Ice-skaters, snowkiters and ice yachtsmen all teem around.
Every day you can experience a true spectacle just a few metres away from our 4-star Hotel Zum Mohren. When the conditions are right, winter sports enthusiasts conquer Lake Reschen. Be a part of it!

Play ice hockey, turn pirouettes, be pulled along in a sledge, or spin along on a sailing boat and fly snow kites if the wind is blowing – Lake Reschen is the right venue for many winter sports.

As well as snowy winters, the constant wind conditions enable you to have a lot of fun. Why not join in yourself? Hire ice-skating shoes or take a course in sailing or kite flying.