Fishing in Obervinschgau (Upper Venosta Valley)

On the banks of Lake Reschen and Lake Haider


The Reschen Pass holiday region has its own fishing rights and has been welcoming countless enthusiastic anglers for years. You too can purchase a licence during your Reschen summer holiday.
Whether it’s trout, speckled trout or pike – when fishing in the Reschen Pass holiday region, our local fish species are bound to take the bait. This peaceful activity is a good opportunity to relax from the inside out.

In the artificial Lake Reschen you will primarily be fishing for trout but in the natural Lake Haider, a more diverse range of species is waiting for you. As well as trout, fish such as speckled trout (brookie), pike and perch also feel at home there. Smaller fish species live in the surrounding mountain lakes.

As a holiday guest you can either buy a fishing licence that is valid for ten years throughout Italy or a daily pass on site. Then you’re ready to enjoy some fishing during your summer holiday at Hotel Zum Mohren.