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Alongside the unique natural landscape, our culture also has many stories to tell. The numerous places of interest, churches and monasteries bear witness to the importance of Vinschgau. And centuries-old customs and traditions are still kept alive today.
The nearest place of interest to our Hotel Zum Mohren is located at the centre of Lake Reschen: A church spire. It is the remnant and the landmark of an unscrupulous lake damming shortly after the Second World War. A large corporation drove the population from their homes in order to use the lake for energy generation. The silent witness invites us to contemplate this sad event.

You can find other attractions, churches and monasteries throughout Vinschgau. These include Marienberg Monastery in Burgeis, the medieval town of Glurns, Churburg Castle in Schluderns and many more. The St. Johann Monastery in Münsterstal is even listed as a world heritage site. In Reschen itself, there are bunkers and tank barriers to wander around, as well as the Etschquelle (the source of the Adige River), which is perfect for a hiking trip.

Traditions and customs are very important to the people of Vinschgau (Val Venosta). On the Sacred Heart of Jesus Sunday (the second Sunday in June), the mountain tops are lit up by bonfires; St Nicholas’ Day in December is a great social occasion and during the annual “Scheibenschlagen”, wooden discs are rolled down the valley. It’s well worth coming along to one of these traditional events, learning about the background to them and getting to know the people of Vinschgau personally.

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