Other winter activities

What you can do away from the slopes


You can be active not only in the surrounding ski areas. With its varied landscape and snowy winters, the Reschen Pass holiday region has quite a few sports on offer.

Cross-country skiing in the border triangle

Train your stamina in a snowy landscape

Have you also fallen in love with the Nordic ski sport? Or are you about to make your first attempt on the network of cross-country ski trails? Whichever is the case, you can enjoy this winter sport in the Reschen Pass holiday region without a care ...
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Active at Lake Reschen

Glide across frozen Lake Reschen

As well as walking and hiking near Lake Reschen, some sports fans conquer the icy lake surface: Ice-skaters, snowkiters and ice yachtsmen all teem around.
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Ski touring in the border triangle

Conquer the mountains and race down to the valley

The midst of the mountainous Reschen Pass ski paradise is the perfect place for a ski tour. Surrounded by snow slopes and unspoiled nature, you experience a special winter adventure.
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