Winter & snowshoe hiking

Tread lightly through the Reschen Pass holiday region


Breathe the cool mountain air, tread forward step by step and enjoy the views: You can be at one with nature during winter and snowshoe hikes near our Hotel zum Mohren at Lake Reschen.
As well as Lake Reschen, the surrounding mountain landscape is an enticing place to discover with hiking boots or snow shoes. A varied network of trails criss-crosses through the landscape, giving you the choice of which tour to make or what goal you want to achieve.

If you don’t own any snow shoes yourself, you can hire some at the local ski hire shop or at the Sport Folie shop. Some winter hikes are particularly suitable for families and leisure walkers, such as those to mountain chalets with catering. By contrasts, endurance sports fans will find suitable tours up to the high alpine terrain and the mountain peaks.

You are also welcome to venture into the unspoiled nature wearing your snowshoes. Wandering through isolated forests and meadows of deep snow brings you a little closer to nature and your own inner calm. But whatever winter or snow shoe hike you decide on, the views across snowy Obervinschgau (Upper Venosta Valley) are unique.

Be at one with your surroundings

Follow the rhythm of nature