Eventful history

The beginnings of the Hotel Zum Mohren

A look back

The Hotel Zum Mohren has been family-owned for generations. Thanks to the family’s constant dedication and team spirit, the one-time village guest house “Gasthaus Zum Mohren” has now become a 4-star hotel at Lake Reschen (Lago di Resia).
Our establishment was not originally located in Reschen but in the neighbouring village of Graun. The reservoir didn’t exist yet, although there were two small natural lakes. In 1950 the large “Montecatini” corporation planned the creation of a 22-metre-deep reservoir out of the Reschen and Grauner lakes, for the purposes of generating electricity. This procedure led to numerous houses being submerged  – including our original guest house.

Our family defied fate and moved the business to Reschen in the year 1951. Through hard work and the passion to serve our guests, the family business has continued to grow over the years: The guest house has become a hotel and the range of services has become more diverse. Today, several generations of the Folie family work together under one roof. We have learned how to move with the times, without forgetting our roots.

Our hotel name
We can’t definitely prove how the name “Zum Mohren” came into existence. However, research has shown that accommodation bearing this name existed only along the old Roman road Via Claudia Augusta. Princes and their dark-skinned servants as well as all kinds of pilgrims often travelled along this important trade route that linked southern German and Italy, staying in so-called “hospices”. We suspect that the name “Zum Mohren” (the moor, black person) originated with these guests.

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