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How about an energising full body massage after you have explored the mountains? Or with a soothing hay bath for total relaxation? Give yourself a little treat during the loveliest time of the year.
The beauty and massage area is located on the second floor of our hotel at Lake Reschen. Release your tensions and enjoy a lovely treatment in a pleasant ambiance.

Have you ever taken a hay bath before? If you haven’t, you should definitely try it. People already knew about the beneficial effects of dried grasses and herbs many decades ago. The South Tyrolean hay bath, the traditional ‘Alpenbadl’, is where you can rest enveloped in fragrant hay and do yourself some good. Hay bathing helps with arthrosis and rheumatism, stimulates the metabolism and pampers the skin. And what’s more, relaxing in the warm hay is wonderful and the smell alone is alluringly good!

General information: The treatments in our wellness hotel at Lake Reschen incur a supplementary charge.
Choose your favorite category

Relax massage

This massage improves blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on body, mind and soul.
€ 38,00 (25 min.) - € 58,00 (50 min.)  
from 38.00 €
25 minutes

Deep tissue massage

A massage technique with special essential oils that relaxes the muscle tissue and improves blood circulation.
€ 40,00 (25 min.) - € 60,00 (50 min.)
from 40.00 €
25 minutes

Sports massage

This massage loosens specific muscle areas accelerating recovery after sports activities.
€ 42,00 (25 min.) - € 62,00 (50 min.) 
from 42.00 €
25 minutes

Head & face massage

Gentle and relaxing face and scalp massage.
€ 38,00 (25 min.)
38.00 €
25 minutes

"Mountain awakening" massage

Massage with rhythmic, flowing and gentle movements. Calms the mind and invigorates muscles and joints. Use of alpine oils.
€ 68,00 (55 min.)
68.00 €
55 minutes

Foot reflex zone massage

The foot reflex zone massage helps to relieve various body complaints, activates self-healing powers and has a relaxing effect.
€ 58,00 (50 min.)
58.00 €
50 minutes

Individual Massage

The needs of each individual are examined, characterized by different massage techniques. Soothing, harmonious and instinctive.
€ 78,00€ (60 min.)
78.00 €
60 minutes
Facial treatments

Moisturizing facial treatment

Restores the tissue’s natural cellular vitality, nourishes and gives the face elasticity and beauty.
€ 72,00 (60 min.)
72.00 €
60 minutes

Regenerating facial treatment Anti Age

Lifting, a natural method that has a deep effect on the muscles and facial skin by means of a targeted manual massage and the addition of active ingredients, guaranteeing a visible rejuvenation.
€ 78,00 (60 min.)
78.00 €
60 minutes
Body treatments

Hay bath

Regional and authentic. The hay has healing powers, reduces the stress level and muscle contractions. 
€ 38,00 (25 min.) - € 48,00 (40 min.) 
from 38.00 €
25 minutes

Salt body scrub

Gentle and cleansing skin peeling.
€ 41,00 (25 min.)
41.00 €
25 minutes

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